Team project in MBA course

Real-Client Project:

Winning team w/ Readline Rentals

Haley, My 1st Advisee:

The only undergraduate student presenting in the AAA international conference in Chicago, IL

Courses Taught or Teaching

Undergraduate Courses

     Social Media Marketing


     Digital Marketing

     Principles of Marketing

Graduate Courses (MBA)

     Social Media Marketing

     Marketing Strategy

     Marketing Management

Invited Lectures/Talks

University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA

  • "Observations, questions, and research" Honors first-year lecture series, Nov. 2021

  • “The essential guidelines for luxury branding strategies in the art” in the art dept. Oct. 2019

  • “Understanding social media, content, and human,” a special lecture for MOPVC students, June 2019

  • "Luxury branding for the art" to work incubator by professors Ellen Wetmore and Steve Tello, funded by a University of Massachusetts 2017 Creative Economy Grant, Nov. 2017

  • "Four essential way to brand yourself" at Graduate Programs Open House, Sept. 2017

University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, MA

  • Why digital? How digital communications work, Nov. 2021

Dong-A University, Busan, S. Korea

  • Why digital? What can we learn from digital trends, Oct. 2021

  • How virtual reality can be applied to marketing contexts, Nov. 2016, Dec. 2017

  • Storytelling & storydoing in content marketing, June 2016

  • The future technologies in digital marketing and their applications, Oct. 2015


Ewha Womens University, Seoul, S. Korea

  • The impact of hi-tech marketing and its future, Sept. 2015


Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

  • The present & future of digital marketing, Oct. 2013


The University of Texas at Austin, TX

  • The social meanings of luxuries and high-tech products: The different names with the same characteristics, Oct. 2010

  • Cultural impacts on the favorability of luxury brands, Feb. 2010

  • The impact of stereoscopic 3-D advertising and the coming innovative media in advertising, April 2009

  • Why people become interested in luxury brands, Sep. 2008

  • The case study of the market competition between Samsung and LG laptops, Oct. 2007


Texas State University at San Marcos, TX

  • Advertising campaigns for luxury brand building through non- and traditional media, April 2009


Southern Methodist University at Dallas, TX

  • Emerging media & technologies in digital marketing, Sept. 2010

The University of Florida at Gainesville, FL

  • Case studies: Technology-driven marketing strategies, July 2011

  • Technology-based physiological research methodologies, July 2009

  • Marketing communications using virtual reality, July 2009